Summer has arrived and just like you, we are gearing up for a season of camp, sport, and lots of fun outdoor activities with our kids! In partnership with SeriousFun, WWO has been running summer camps for children living with HIV in Ethiopia, Haiti, and Vietnam. The impact and experience of spending one week away, making new friends, being challenged and discovering our strengths has an amazing and wonderful transformative power. For the kids in our camps, it also builds self-esteem, resilience, and spotlights the significance of healthy habits. It even helps turn the daily medication routine into a fun and celebratory experience, improving their adherence to this regimen even after camp ends.

In a study conducted by San Diego State University, children who attend our camp program showed measurable improvements in HIV knowledge and habits after camp. This was especially true of those campers who needed the most help in adopting healthy behaviors and improving their psychosocial wellbeing. Those children who scored the lowest on a knowledge and habit test prior to attending camp, showed an 84% increase in knowledge of how to manage their HIV. Additionally, for all campers, there was an 87% increase in compliance in taking their daily regimen of anti-retroviral treatment.